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    Plumeria obtusa “Frangipani or The Temple Tree”

    Dhs. 190.00

    Pandanus baptistii variegata

    Dhs. 25.00

    Oleander-Nerium Oleander

    Dhs. 38.00

    Ficus panda two step with white ceramic pot

    Dhs. 380.00

    Areca Palm 1.8 to 2 meters

    Dhs. 350.00

    Ficus Amstel King - Ficus Alii Tr

    Dhs. 135.00

    Mint plant

    Dhs. 19.00

    Bambo plants Bambusa multiplex Bamboo” 1.2 – 1.5m overall height

    Dhs. 130.00

    Persian Basil(Ryhaan)hight 30 to 40cm

    Dhs. 38.00


    Dhs. 80.00

    Cuban oregano herb

    Dhs. 20.00

    Myrtus communis “‎Myrtle” 40 – 60cm

    Dhs. 45.00

    Bambus green or Tropical Bamboo 1.5 – 1.8m

    Dhs. 165.00

    Cassia surattensis “Scrambled Egg Plant”

    Dhs. 125.00

    Saguaro cactus

    Dhs. 350.00

    Agave Attenuata or spineless century plant

    Dhs. 45.00

    Rhapis excelsa with white fiber pot

    Dhs. 350.00

    Rhapis excelsa

    Dhs. 280.00

    Ravenala madagascariensis “Traveller’s Palm”

    Dhs. 250.00

    Bonsai plant with ceramic pot

    Dhs. 400.00

    Ficus diversifolia “Three Heads”(with ceramic pot arrangement)

    Dhs. 650.00

    Ficus diversifolia “Three Heads”

    Dhs. 260.00

    Busida trees

    Dhs. 650.00

    Rhododendron Simsii

    Dhs. 40.00

    Ruellia ciliosa or wild petunia

    Dhs. 3.00

    Bougainvillea Alexandra Bougainvillea 'Alexandra with ceramic tall pots

    Dhs. 250.00

    Trumpet Bush Tecoma Smithii

    Dhs. 70.00

    Ficus diversifolia “Three Heads”1.30 to 1.5

    Dhs. 260.00

    Murraya Jasmine”

    Dhs. 50.00


    Dhs. 150.00

    Ficus two step

    Dhs. 320.00

    Tabernaemontana divaricata, crape jasmine

    Dhs. 48.00

    Olive plant with ceramic pot

    Dhs. 380.00

    Aloe vera, Medicina Aloe, Savila Or الألوة فيرا

    Dhs. 25.00

    Chlorophytum with ceramic pot

    Dhs. 120.00

    Clerodendrum inerme (Wild Jasmine)

    Dhs. 4.00

    Ipomoea pes-caprae, Railroad Vine or Railway Creeper 30 – 40cm

    Dhs. 10.00

    Conocarpus erectus ‘Saudi’ or Damas tree دمس

    Dhs. 35.00

    Caesalpinia pulcherrima “Peacock Flower” 40-50cm

    Dhs. 40.00

    Dianella tasmanica “Variegata” or Tasman Flax-lily 25 – 35cm

    Dhs. 12.00

    Rhoeo discolor or Moses-in-the-cradle

    Dhs. 4.00

    Ficus diversifolia “Cone Shape”

    Dhs. 165.00

    Bougainvillea spectabilis Pink 70 to 90 cm

    Dhs. 44.00

    Ficus diversifolia “Single head”

    Dhs. 160.00
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