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    Plumeria obtusa “Frangipani or The Temple Tree”

    Dhs. 190.00
    Plants that love the UAE weather Plants love beautiful, sunny and warm days, well who doesn’t? But when these sunny days last most of the year-round, would all plants still...

    Pandanus baptistii variegata

    Dhs. 25.00
    16.00 AED – 42.00 AED Max Height: 1m Spread: 0.75-1.5m Origin: New Britain Family: Pandanaceae Common Name: Variegated Dwarf Pandanus, White-striped Pandanus Drought Tolerance: High Salinity Tolerance: High Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance:...

    Oleander-Nerium Oleander

    Dhs. 38.00
    General DescriptionNerium oleander, commonly known as oleander, is a highly toxic plant that has been cultivated since ancient times. Nerium oleander is a highly toxic ornamental shrub widely cultivated in...

    Ficus panda two step with white ceramic pot

    Dhs. 380.00
    Ficus multi head is excellent feature plant, survives in UAE climate. suitable for full sun to partial shade Ficus Panda is a yellow colored bushy plant that is an evergreen...

    Areca Palm 1.8 to 2 meters

    Dhs. 350.00
    The Areca Palm, or Dypsis lutescens (formerlyChrysalidocarpus lutescens), is a great palm for a tropical splash in the summertime on home patios and building entrances in northern climates.  It can also thrive...

    Ficus Amstel King - Ficus Alii Tr

    Dhs. 135.00
     Best Selling, Best Selling Indoor Plants, Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Indoor Air Purifying Plants, Indoor Low Maintenance Plants, Indoor Plants, Indoor Tall Plants, Office Corner Plants, Office Plants, Office Tall Plants, Our Best Sellers, Recent Products

    Bambo plants Bambusa multiplex Bamboo” 1.2 – 1.5m overall height

    Dhs. 130.00
    Description Bambusa multiplex The culms on this bamboo are golden with random green stripes of variable width. The golden color of the culms takes on a magenta cast when exposed...

    Persian Basil(Ryhaan)hight 30 to 40cm

    Dhs. 38.00
    Persian Basil is a large, vigorous plant that is a prolific producer of pleasant tasting leaves for your culinary adventures. Not only is the taste excellent, but the green foliage, sturdy...


    Dhs. 80.00
    Indoor plant hight light and outside shade place growing plant 

    Cuban oregano herb

    Dhs. 20.00
      Common Name: Spanish thyme, Indian borage, and Mexican mint Family: Lamiaceae Origin: Africa PH Level: Basic Fragrance: Yes Drought Tolerance: High Sun Tolerance: High Water Requirement: High   Cuban oregano...

    Myrtus communis “‎Myrtle” 40 – 60cm

    Dhs. 45.00
      Max Height: 3m Spread: 3m Origin: Mediterranean Family: Myrtaceae Common Name: Common Myrtle Flower Colour: White Drought Tolerance: Low Salinity Tolerance: Low Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance: Medium Water...

    Bambus green or Tropical Bamboo 1.5 – 1.8m

    Dhs. 165.00
      1.5 – 1.8m overall height. 2-3 main stems. 165.00 AED Inc. vat   Bambus green Bambus green is a vigorous, tropical bamboo common throughout the world. It grows in open clumps and...

    Cassia surattensis “Scrambled Egg Plant”

    Dhs. 125.00
    Cassia surattensis Cassia surattensis is A medium size (to 15 feet), fast growing flowering tree from Polynesia in the Caesalpiniaceae family . This is one of the few cassias which...

    Saguaro cactus

    Dhs. 350.00
      Clay pot comes with tray same or similar design showed in product gallery. Shape may slightly vary from showed picture. Choose shady area if keeping plant outdoor and bright...

    Agave Attenuata or spineless century plant

    Dhs. 45.00
    Max Height: 1m Spread: 2m Origin: C. Mexico Family: Agavaceae Common Name: Spineless Agave, Foxtail Agave, Dragon-Tree Agave Flower Colour: White Drought Tolerance: High Salinity Tolerance: Medium Sun Tolerance: High Wind...
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