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Indoor Plants Home Decor Service in Dubai


We offer indoor plants home decor service in Dubai a comprehensive plants maintenance service ensuring plants display healthy and attractive. Any plant that fall below our standard is immediately replaced to keep the display in optimal condition.
Our fully trained, experienced uniformed staff provide a guaranteed service that not only keeps the plants display in tip-top condition,reinforcing your public image, but also protect your entitle investment of the installation itself. We strive to keep every plant healthy and as attractive as possible through precise watering, fertilizing, cleaning and trimming methods. Additionally, with our maintenance contracts, we guarantee free replacing any plant that shows signs of decline. Our supervisors will regularly follow up with our clients to make sure they are happy with our service. Our maintenance team currently service display in nearly 600 environment including Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Private places, Shopping malls, and Commercial offices.


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Scope Of Work for Indoor (interior) Plants Maintenance :

  • Regular watering: Indoor plants need regular watering to stay healthy and maintain their bloom. The frequency of watering may vary depending on the plant species and the weather conditions.
  • Fertilization: Plants need a steady supply of nutrients to grow and thrive. The maintenance team will provide regular fertilization to the plants to ensure proper nutrition.
  • Soil re-potting: Plants may outgrow their pots or containers, which can affect their growth and health. The maintenance team will check
  •  the soil and re-pot the plants as needed.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning is important to maintain the shape and size of the plants, as well as to remove any dead or diseased branches.
  • Pest control: Indoor plants are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases. The maintenance team will monitor the plants for any signs of infestation and take necessary action to prevent or treat the problem.
  • Lighting and temperature: Indoor plants require a specific amount of light and temperature to thrive. The maintenance team will ensure that the plants are getting the right amount of light and that the temperature is maintained at the ideal range.
  • Cleaning: Over time, dust and debris can accumulate on the leaves of indoor plants, which can hinder their growth. The maintenance team will clean the plants regularly to prevent any obstruction.

These are the basic tasks included in the scope of work for indoor plant maintenance Royal Plantscape Landscape and gardening works LLC AMC. However, the specifics of the job may vary depending on the agreement between the maintenance team and the client.