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Lowers levels of anxiety. Constantly seeing and being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety.



Aeschynanthus or Mona Lisa

Dhs. 125.00
Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa                                                      Planted...

Agave Attenuata or spineless century plant

Dhs. 45.00
Max Height: 1m Spread: 2m Origin: C. Mexico Family: Agavaceae Common Name: Spineless Agave, Foxtail Agave, Dragon-Tree Agave Flower Colour: White Drought Tolerance: High Salinity Tolerance: Medium Sun Tolerance: High Wind...

Aglaonema Pattaya Beauty with white ceramic pot

Dhs. 180.00
Perfect for offices, receptions and any desks, also suitable for your house. They thrive well in indoor lighting conditions and thus require little maintenance. Keep the compost moderately moist during...


Dhs. 45.00
Light: The darker green varieties of aglaonema can grow in near shade, while the variegated varieties require brighter light. Do not expose any aglaonema to Direct Sun Water: Water thoroughly in the...

Aglaonema “Silver Queen” Chinese Evergreen Plant

Dhs. 40.00
Aglaonema Aglaonema “Silver Queen” is one of the most commonly used indoor plant. Aglaonema Silver Queen is also known as Chinese Evergreen Plant. It is easy to maintain at the lower light...


Dhs. 120.00
Alocasia is a genus of broad-leaved rhizomatous or tuberous perennial flowering plants from the family Araceae. There are 97 accepted species native to tropical and subtropical Asia to Eastern Australia,...

Aloe vera, Medicina Aloe, Savila Or الألوة فيرا

Dhs. 25.00
Aloe vera Aloe vera  الألوة فيرا is also known as Medicinal Aloe or  Savila. It can grown in partial to full sun with a little water. Ideal for planting outdoors in UAE climate....

Aloe Zambezi

Dhs. 30.00
Because of their special ability to retain water, succulents tend to thrive in warm, dry climates and don’t mind a little neglect. This makes them well adapted to indoor growing...

Garden From Our Heart

“ We’re going to make the experience of discovering the perfect potted plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. “

Find Your Dreams Plant Here

Our Journey to Dreams

Empowering all people to be plant people — a collection of articles from The Sill’s team of Plant Experts across a variety of plant care topics to inspire confidence in the next generation of plant parents. Welcome to Plant Parenthood™. We create green spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We are here to make the concrete jungle, we call home, a greener and more sustainable space through customized gardening solutions. We are garden gnomes. Really!! We grow things, from dirt. We don’t just sell plants, we make your gardens thrive and solve all your gardening issues, magically. “ We’re going to make the experience of discovering the perfect potted plants as wonderful as the plants themselves."
Let's pass it on cleaner, better, and greener.

Interesting Facts

At Plant Scape Dubai, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Garden Care

Plant that set Us apart. Be it or the quality of Uniqueness. A beautiful garden is made up of healthy plants and tasteful decor

Plant Renovation

It is true that the well-fed plants are healthy, productive and beautiful. Plants thrive well with efficient nutrients and minerals

Seed Supply

Plant experts who worry so you won’t have to Growing plants from seeds, When life gives you dirt plant seeds. Grow plants from seeds

Watering Garden

Self-watering pots for easy maintenance and convenience it is highly important that our gardens are watered efficiently

Our Clients

Why Our Clients Choose Us....


We provide more than just a solution, We protect your investment, Our well trained and experienced teams arrange pre-scheduled weekly visits to maintain the indoor & outdoor plants of our clients. We strive to keep every plant healthy and as attractive through precise watering, fertilizing, cleaning and trimming method.
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