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swimming pool service companies near me

Royal Plantscape

Contemporary swimming pools have long evolved from public bathhouses to a place of leisure and fun. In a well-maintained swimming pool, you can splash around, relax, socialize or practice swimming.

We excel at building and maintaining the pools that fit your needs and also improve the aesthetics. We build all kinds of residential, public, commercial, competition, and training pools. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials to develop the best quality infrastructure. Our landscaping team strives to render your imagination into reality. With the experience of several years and a team of dedicated professionals, we transform your ideas into reality. The valuable insights into the pool designing and knowledge acquired over the years make us special. We have collected sufficient experience after working on a variety of projects. We are the best swimming pool service companies near me. The loyal customers even recommend the name of Royal Plnatscape to others


Good understanding of how modern pools work is necessary to maintain a fresh and hygienic pool. For the best pool experience, it is important to keep the pool circulating with clear and pristine water. Furthermore, cleanliness and top hygiene standards are also of primary importance. Our clients benefit from our thorough understanding of water quality and filtration systems. We provide our clients with maintenance schedules. We have a well-disciplined, dependable, and organized team that carries out maintenance tasks. The customers can relax in their pools without worrying about maintenance issues. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for the best swimming pool maintenance Dubai service.


Hire a professional swimming pool maintenance contractor to keep your pool performing smoothly, annual pool maintenance, repairs, and refurbishing works safely to

local pool cleaning services

Pool Renovation Works

We can help design and restore old pools to look brand new!


Our pool repair services can help you fix any leak, valve replacement or pump malfunction.

pool repair services

Equipment Install

Our expert pool technicians make it easy to install your new pool equipment. Heat and Cool unit, Sand filter, Filtration Pump, Under water pool lights, LED strip light, Garden Lights, Ext..

 Pool Surface

When it comes to finding the right interior pool surface for your design

Pressure And Acid wash

Repairing Old pool tiles

Pressure washing with A Recommended chemical a pool is an effective way to remove dirt and even algae

Pool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tiles

We carry a wide variety of ceramic, glass Mosaic and natural tile for you to choose from Large verity

We are expert for all type of swimming pool tiles ,grout new supply and installation and repairing and renovation  

Pool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tiles

Pool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tilesPool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tiles

Pool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tilesPool Tile installations and Repairing Old pool tiles